So, who am I?

I’m a wannabe Gordon Ramsey cum Sid Vicious; with a real passion for both music and cooking. I spend most of my spare time (that is not allocated to my children!) cooking, listening to music, going to gigs or promising a return to a former strenuous sporting lifestyle. The latter promise is only currently realised with a weekly 5-a-side game, the odd badminton or squash session and a spot of mountain biking.

I love everything that comes under an umbrella of being ‘well crafted’; graphics, food, books, art, photography, interiors – great design is great design, no matter what the medium.

I have a diminishing love of football (more to do with the over abundance of money and ego in the game, than the protracted demise of my team, LUFC) and a passion for the Leeds Rhinos and England cricket.

After taking a few years out of the design business, I returned in 2008 with a renewed energy and passion, something I was pretty sure would happen eventually. As a pixel pusher, the blank screen is a great draw (no pun intended) for me, indeed it is in my blood. My 14 year old daughter has chosen, without influence, to take design and photography through her schooling; I guess the genes have been passed down.

You can use this form to contact me to discuss anything you have in mind.